Sweden+Taiwan Green Transition Alliance

Sweden net zero goal in 2045

Sweden has determined to become the world's first fossil-free welfare nations by 2045

Sweden has determined to become the world's first fossil-free welfare nations by 2045. Sweden implemented the world’s 1st carbon tax in 1991 and today has the highest carbon tax in the world (USD 137 per ton) which has contributed to reduce Sweden's carbon emissions by 29%; while GDP has grown by 84%. Today the heating and electricity sectors are closed to fossil-free in Sweden. The Swedish experience has shown the green transformation is not only positive for the environment but can also great opportunity to drive innovation and industrial and economic development. 

Swedish experience shows green transition brings industry competitiveness

No government can achieve its net zero goals without the help of its industries. Just like Taiwan, Sweden has many companies in energy intensive and carbon dependent industries like steel, automotive and cement. The Swedish government started the initiative of Fossil Free Sweden in 2015 with the aim to bring different key stakeholders like companies, municipalities, and public society together to support the same vision that Sweden will be one of the first fossil free nations and reaching net zero by 2045. There are 22 industries in Sweden and more than 500+ Swedish companies join the Fossil Free Sweden initiative and voluntarily develop their roadmaps on how they can enhance their competitiveness by going fossil free or climate neutral.

Sweden and Taiwan can work together for the sustainable future

Over 50% of the GHG emission in Taiwan is from the industry which is also responsible for 56% of electricity consumption in Taiwan. The industry plays the critical role if Taiwan will reach its 2050 Net Zero target. Also, in order for the industry to stay competitiveness in the global supply chain, Taiwan industries is in great needs for green transition.

Swedish companies are already today providing different solutions to support Taiwan’s industry green transitions. For example,

Baseload Power Taiwan dedicates in developing the untapped geothermal power in Taiwan to build up the resilient communities that run on renewable energy and to support Taiwan’s energy transition goal Baseload Power Taiwan story in Hualien. Trelleborg innovative seals help to provide customers solutions in sustainable way. ASSA ABLOY is providing opening solutions that contribute to sustainable and energy saving buildings. Scania, together with the partners and customers in Taiwan are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system Scania’s journey in Taiwan. Atlas Copco support its client in Taiwan for carbon reduction target with 3,500,000 kwh for energy saving and 17.5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

We believe Sweden and Swedish companies can be the strategic partners of Taiwan and Taiwanese industries in the areas of sustainable development as well as to share best practices and experiences. The Sweden+ Taiwan Green Transition Alliance has been launched by Business Sweden together with 8 Swedish companies Assa Abloy, Atlas Copco, Baseload Power Taiwan, Ericsson Taiwan, Scania, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Volvo Cars Taiwan, and Volvo Group and to deepen the collaborations between Sweden and Taiwan for green transition.

The Journey to a Fossil Free Sweden

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